BONES - Vegan Leather

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BONES - Vegan Leather
Исполнитель: BONES
Песня: Vegan Leather
Размер: 2.43 Мб
Качество: 320 kbps
BONES - Vegan Leather
Vegan Leather BONES

Текст: BONES - Vegan Leather

[Verse] The deadest, the pettiest, why would they let me in Why the fuck would anybody start with me Bones the ruler, that Ruger won't do shit I'll prove it Put one to my head and watch me still breathe You don't gotta go and believe me See the day that I l-e-a-v-e this whole scene will terminate permanently They see the skull and they know it's the team Design you like Tyrus, put you in a creek 6 feet deep that's where you can find me I know all the spots no way you can hide from me Extendo clip in the Glock oh please Oh behave watch me reprimand thee Dunce cap on ya put you in a corner TeamSESH bonehead turn you to a goner Lifespan longer my songs shorter Only lines you gots' the ones that you snortin' I became a legend fuck all these peasants 1522 counting riches peep the ledger Vegan leather synthetic suede Lock you in a cage like the food that you ate Take you to the healing fields lay you down make it real Time for vacation cabin hidden in the hills [Hook] Pop quiz, I got it locked, bitch It's the deadman graveyard locksmith Top notch shit, on the block shit Buck knives in my right and left pockets

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