BONES, surrenderdorothy - whydoesithavetocometothis

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BONES, surrenderdorothy - whydoesithavetocometothis
Исполнитель: BONES, surrenderdorothy
Песня: whydoesithavetocometothis
Размер: 1.85 Мб
Качество: 320 kbps
BONES, surrenderdorothy - whydoesithavetocometothis
whydoesithavetocometothis BONES, surrenderdorothy

Текст: BONES, surrenderdorothy - whydoesithavetocometothis

[Intro] -Oh, hi Christian -Hi! Why is it so dark in here? -Well, you'll find out later. See that mark I have on the rug there? -Yes -Well, go stand on it -Okay -Okay, what do you see? -You -You know, I have magical powers and all I have to do is a little twiddling down here, and now what do you see? -You're turning into a skeleton -Yes [Verse] While you're out there settling I will turn to a skeleton All you've ever longed for is relevance I'm bursting at the seams with elegance Some might say I'm heaven sent I just say they're full of shit because I never asked for this We never asked We never asked for this [Hook] Now nobody wants me Now nobody wants me Now nobody wants me Now nobody wants me Now nobody wants me [Outro] -And in spite of fact that I have disappeared And am now in the neverlether world Can you hear me alright? -Yes I still can -Okay, good. And I also have enough magical powers To return to everyday life, watch… -Wow, you’re coming back -Yes, and now I'm back whole again, right? -Right…

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